MFA Principals

Lauren M. McGovern

Lauren McGovern, a co-founder of McGovern Feeney Associates, Inc. (MFA) brings over twenty five years of professional and consulting experience in outplacement, career consulting, executive coaching and management development to the firm. She remains a major force in service delivery, business development and marketing for the firm.

Before joining with John Feeney to start MFA, Dr. McGovern was Senior Vice President of Drake Beam Morin, Inc. (DBM), an international career management consulting firm. At DBM, she managed and was in charge of business development for the Pittsburgh office. She also directed counseling services at that location. An expert career consultant herself, Dr. McGovern has been recognized for her skill in working with executives from a variety of industries, including banking, insurance, manufacturing, chemical and consumer products. She has also developed special expertise in the area of executive coaching. She is frequently sought out by senior management in an effort to retain valuable talent.

Prior to joining DBM, Dr. McGovern was an internal Human Resources consultant at the headquarters location of Westinghouse Electric Corporation. In addition to handling consulting assignments, she designed, developed and implemented corporate programs in performance appraisal, career management and executive coaching.

Earlier in her career, Dr. McGovern was instrumental in the development of the Institute for Women in Non-Traditional Education in Minnesota. Funded by the state legislature, this research project and Institute paved the way for opening all vocational training programs to the young women of the state. Dr. McGovern handled all the Institute's public relations. She also conducted seminars state wide on the vocational education of women and marketed the concept to industry and local governments.

Dr. McGovern holds a Bachelors degree in Education, a Master1s degree in Educational Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology - all from the University of Minnesota.

In recent years, Dr. McGovern has been involved in corporate redeploypment, renewal and revitalization efforts. She has consulted with CEO's and COO's in solving transformation problems and in facilitating cultural change.

John J. Feeney

John Feeney, a co-founder of McGovern Feeney Associates, Inc. (MFA) is a seasoned senior executive with a solid background in sales, marketing and strategic planning. John brings to MFA a broad range of experience, skills and abilities developed during his twenty nine year career in the electrical products and services industry. His long term commitment to personal and career development and his recognized success in team building, coupled with strong interpersonal and communications skills, serve him well in his role as career consultant, planner and business developer.

Mr. Feeney began his career as a sales engineer with Westinghouse Electric Corporation in New York, and shortly thereafter was appointed Manager of Industrial Sales for the Caribbean area. Following this assignment, he managed the reorganization and relocation of the Corporation1s international industrial sales headquarters from New York to Pittsburgh. Later he moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil, and assumed marketing responsibilities for the company's operations in South America. Returning to corporate headquarters he served as Director of Administration and Strategic Planning for the Industrial Group-International, and in his last position with Westinghouse, was Director of International Marketing, with responsibilities ranging from major projects to the establishment and management of component distribution channels for products and services sold to industrial and construction markets.

Mr. Feeney earned his bachelors degree from Manhattan College in Electrical Engineering. More recently, he received a Master's Degree in Counseling from the University of Pittsburgh. While pursuing this degree, John combined his business experience with his interest in job and career consulting, by affiliating with the Pittsburgh branch of Drake Beam Morin. During this affiliation he served as an individual career consultant and taught seminars in entrepreneurship, as well as career transition.

In founding MFA, Inc., Mr. Feeney and Dr. McGovern have set out to create a firm that will be known for its exceptional level of professionalism and commitment, and for its ability to strike an effective balance between the human resource needs of client organizations and the individual needs of people making job and career transitions.

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