What Is Outplacement?

Often referred to as outplacement counseling, Career Transition Counseling is a proven process of assisting individuals in making their next career move --re-employment, self-employment or active retirement -- with a minimum of stress and as quickly as possible. The previous employer pays for the service; there is no cost to the individual.

Unlike a search firm, McGovern Feeney Associates (MFA) does not place you in a job. We provide the information, support, tools, skills, resources, and expert advice to help you define your individual requirements so you can continue your career in a way that ensures greater fulfillment, and perhaps compensation, than you had previously.

What Does the Process Involve? Each program is tailored to your needs, and you determine its pace. However, if you are seeking re-employment, you will most likely complete the following steps with your personal consultant:

What Resources Are Available? Throughout Career Transition Counseling, MFA will provide these resources for you:

The Entrepreneurial Path If you wish to start or purchase a business or become a consultant, MFA has specialized programs, manuals, and resources to guide and support you. We will assist you in examining all the issues involved and creating a thorough Business and Marketing Plan that will increase your chances for entrepreneurial success.

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